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Jameson Johnson
Jameson Johnson

Shocker ((TOP))

This tower is rather unique, when a enemy gets shocked they will have a 5 second duration where the shocker can deal 3 times more damage to it, however it only deals extra damage once the enemy it was targeting gets hit at least once, then it can take extra damage. However, if the Shocker doesn't attack it before the 5 second mark then the enemy in question won't take extra damage.


Update 0.4 introduced a new mechanic for Shocker called Volt Link. It is only active when Shocker reaches level 4. The first thing that happens is Shocker gains a second range. If any shockers are placed down within this range and the Shocker with Volt Link has a buff, then the other Shockers in its range will gain 33.3% of that buff. At max the shocker with Volt Link will give 66.6% of the buff. 041b061a72


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