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Buy Mens Earrings Online

For jewelry that leans hard into streetwear, Ssense has pages upon pages of interesting pieces to sift through. The online retailer carries jewelry from brands like Ambush, Alexander McQueen, and Fendi, many of which feature unique designs like safety pin earrings and E-boy-approved chokers. Anyone looking to accessorize an outfit beyond typical gold, silver, or leather pieces will be in heaven at Ssense.

buy mens earrings online


At Jared, our men's jewelry is the embodiment of true class and sophistication. Explore our spectacular collection of timeless men's jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, rings, and wedding bands. Every piece of men's jewelry is expertly crafted and carefully designed to help every man express his own individual style with confidence. Presented in a wide variety of metal types such as white gold, rose gold, multi-tone, as well as contemporary metals, Jared has something that will enhance any discerning look or style. Can't find what you are looking for? Create a one-of-a-kind or customized piece of men's jewelry with Jared Custom Design Services.

The accessorizing touch can make a man look so dapper and sophisticated. Men's diamond earrings are becoming a standard inclusion in their everyday attire, and it seems like a trend that is here to stay. That one pair of men's diamond earrings in gold or sterling silver can be worn with multiple outfits, from casual to formal to festive. Purchase men's diamond earrings on Jewelili.

Did you know that men, not women, were the first to wear earrings? Yes, archaeological finds, primarily in Egypt, reveal that men's earrings trace back to 7,000 BC. Besides, ancient wall carvings show Persian men wearing earrings too. Later, kings began to wear splendid royal earrings and other jewelry in gold and gemstones. Fast forward to our times and celebrities like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Christiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and so many others have made men's diamond earrings their fashion staple.

At Jewelili, we make sure that we offer diamond jewelry for different budgets. That is why we have such a wide range of budget-friendly and stunning men's diamond jewelry, including earrings, in affordable, durable, and charming metal alloys. So, take a quick look at our fabulous collection of men's diamond earrings to surprise yourself with the versatility of our creations.

Want a touch of poise and subtlety? Then our men's black diamond stud earrings are waiting for you. They are crafted in yellow gold over sterling silver. This pair of diamond earrings is here to make you as sophisticated and bold as the "Men in Black." You can sport it with a black suit or offset it with an outfit of a contrasting color, and be the center of attention at the next event.

This pair of men's diamond stud earrings can brilliantly spice up your look with its combination of yellow gold and sterling silver in a miracle plate design. It will look great with both formal and casual wear and turn heads on any occasion!

Craving for something geometrical and classy? Then grab our men's diamond stud earrings in sterling silver. It's shaped like a hexagon to add a modern silhouette to your personality as you sport it. These studs can be paired wonderfully with both formal and casual wear and accentuate your sophistication. You can also check out our diamond rings for a matching set.

If you follow Eminem or Harry Styles, you'll know that men's cross diamond jewelry is all the rage now. Our men's diamond stud earrings in yellow gold over sterling silver have the popular cross-like design. Be ready to take your style statement a notch higher with these modern studs, and pair them with casual or formal wear. Besides, the cross symbolizes the power of sacrifice for your loved ones, and your love, devotion, and faith in God. Why not go all the way and get yourself a diamond necklace with a cross design too?

Can I pair men's diamond earrings with other jewelry pieces? Why not? To match the metals, try pairing, for instance, men's diamond studs with a link diamond bracelet in sterling silver. There are many such designs that can be mixed and matched for men.

Nervous about wearing earrings for the first time? Take things slow. Start with basic earrings for men, like studs. Once you get comfortable, you can then gradually move on to flaunting flashier earpieces.

Hoops - These circular or semicircular-shaped earrings are fashion-forward accessories that you can add to your wardrobe this season. A word of caution, not everybody can pull off wearing this style of earrings. To avoid committing a fashion faux pas, it is advisable to try hoop earrings on before you commit yourself to them.

Mens hip hop earrings are perfect for upper class people who want to show off their status and make a bold statement confidently. Since Ancient Egypt, fashionable men have been wearing earrings. Different styles have come out from time. Everyone can find something that fits their personality and fashion sense, especially for the hip hop lovers.

Don't know how to choose the right one from incredible number of options? This five-step guide will teach you everything you need to know about picking out best earrings for men. It only takes you two or three minutes to read over the article. But you'll benefit a lot from it, trust me! Keep reading.

Several occasions call for unique mens earrings, such us business meetings, night club, prom, weddings, etc. These bling earrings are a nice touch for you to stand out from the crowd and they are must-have men's accessories jewelry.

While the design of diamond men earrings is simple, there are thousands of style variations for you to choose from. To narrow down, we list some trendy mens earring styles for your reference here. These mens earring styles could catch your eye definitely.

These rapper earrings available at Laie are single-cut diamonds that have been set into a paved pattern in the metal backing. The beauty of pave diamond earring is that you get all the sparkle of a larger diamond.

The diamond hoop earrings men has a bigger surface area for the eye to see. This can increase the amount of light the diamond gives off, making it brighter in such a small setting. This is an ideal option for people who wants it all.

These stud earrings are an excellent gift for any guy, whether you are shopping for your husband, boyfriend, dad, son, or brother. Men typically are not big jewelry wearers, but there is a big exception for small diamonds. This everyday wear studs will look fantastic no matter where the day takes him: at work, on a date, or out with the guys.

These bling hoop earrings can be worn by men who want something light on their ears and relatively low-key. With a shiny silver/gold hue and round design, these will be the perfect accessory for your everyday look. If you want something simple yet elegant, these studs are perfect. They are noticeable and will go with anything you choose to wear on your ears.

The round-cut diamond is brilliant and sparkly, whereas princess diamonds usually add a hint of kite-shaped glitter. Square-cut diamond studs are edgy in their own right but will still add color to your face when worn. Round cut studs are a classic for any occasion, but princess cuts are square shaped and look bolder. In general, bigger is not always better for diamond stud earrings; a smaller size can be just as impressive.

Diamond stud earrings come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: backings. If you are used to wearing regular hoop earrings or post-style earrings, diamond studs can be tricky at first.

With 2.40 carats of diamonds, screw backs are a very safe option for these lovely earrings. Though some people find the threaded posts to be uncomfortable because they are thicker than standard posts.

Smaller backs can be used with smaller, lighter-weight studs. Larger earrings tend to be heavier and will droop if the backs are too small. You have to make sure the backs are large enough to support the size of the diamond studs.

Furthermore, consider your budget when choosing a diamond earring. There are different diamond earring styles out there, but every design has a price point depending on how much bling you are after. It is not necessary to break the bank to buy vvs diamond earrings so as to look like a million bucks. Diamond simulants at Laie like cubic zirconia look just like the real thing without "real thing" prices.

The perfect stud earring should be modern and elegant, iconic yet bold, and still draw a crowd. At Laie, we offer various types of diamond stud earrings to suit all occasions, different styles, and needs. You can choose the suitable without the exorbitant price tag one to show off.

Gold is the first choice for daily wear jewellery for most peaople. Gold, being a non-reactive metal is often considered best metal to stay in touch with your skin for the longer period of time. If you are looking for stud earrings for men, go for gold ones at the drop of a hat. Besides, gold is considered very auspicious in the Indian household and is always a very good form of investment. 041b061a72


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