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Where To Buy Naturally Aged Flooring

UPDATE: Well I finally opened my boxes of flooring. At first I almost had a heart attack because they were not even close to my sample board. After calling the flooring company and being told that unless they are defective or damaged in some way the floor is mine! (How's that for customer service?) Every board has some sort of knot or mark on it and the finish looks pickled. I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

where to buy naturally aged flooring

There are six collections currently available from naturally aged flooring along with a category reserved for custom flooring, and a section for accessories and moldings. Each collection is unique, although there is only one style in the Classic Series with Champagne wire-brushed Oak.

There's a lot to like about naturally aged floorings engineered hardwood collections from their modern and contemporary styles to their rustic boards with bandsaw marks. The company has a nice selection a flooring overall; you'll just want to look into the brand a bit more before making the jump given the unknowns.

5" Wide solid reclaimed wood wall panelling is milled from recycled Wyoming snow fence boards. Common uses are for wall panelling, ceilings, and barn doors. Each box contains 20 square feet of 1/4" thick planks with 1', 2', 3', and 4' long for staggered seams. The planks have square edges and are installed using adhesive and nails (purchase nails and adhesive locally - not included.) Safer than barn wood as this reclaimed wood was aged naturally in the open air of Wyoming and is certified GreenguardGold for low chemical emissions. After being exposed to the brutal weather of Wyoming weather for an average of 10 years this wood has low moisture content and is naturally insect-free. Reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood is a carbon-negative product since it doesn't need to be dried in a kiln. These distressed wood boards contain knots, knot holes, and nail holes. Some may have bullet holes, deep grooves exposing grain patterns, and scrapes. These imperfections are part of the charm of this wood and are to be celebrated in your unique design. These boards are shipped from Laramie, WY in the dry, high plains (elevation 7,200 feet above sea level) of the rocky mountains. Before installation, the boards must acclimate to the room where they will be installed. Remove the bundle of boards from the box but leave the straps affixed and acclimate boards for at least 2 days if in a similar environment to Laramie, WY. Acclimate boards for up to 5 days if installed in a humid, low altitude, coastal environment. 041b061a72


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