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Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf !FULL! Freel

Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel: A Free Ebook on Spiritualism and Mediumship

If you are interested in learning more about the perispirit, the subtle envelope of the spirit that connects it to the physical body, you may want to download Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel, a free ebook that collects essays and articles on the nature and function of the perispirit from various authors and sources.

Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel

The perispirit is a key concept in Spiritism, a doctrine that emerged in France in the 19th century through the works of Allan Kardec, and that spread to many countries, especially Brazil. Spiritism is based on the belief that there is a spiritual world beyond the material one, and that communication between spirits and humans is possible through mediums.

Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel is a comprehensive guide to the perispirit, covering topics such as its origin, structure, properties, functions, evolution, influence, manifestations, and relation to health and disease. The ebook also explores the perispirit in different religions and philosophical systems, as well as in scientific research and experiments.

The ebook is available for free download on Scribd, a platform that allows users to share and access documents online. You can also read it online on LibraryThing, a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers. Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel is written in Portuguese, but you can use online translation tools to read it in other languages.

Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the perispirit and its role in spiritualism and mediumship. It is also a useful reference for students and researchers of Spiritism and related fields. Download or read Antologia Do Perispirito Pdf Freel today and discover the wonders of the perispirit!

What is the Perispirit?

The perispirit is a term coined by Allan Kardec, the founder of Spiritism, to designate the intermediate substance that links the spirit and the physical body. According to Kardec, the perispirit is formed by a fluidic matter that emanates from the universal cosmic fluid, and that is molded by the spirit according to its degree of evolution and moral qualities.

The perispirit is not a fixed or permanent entity, but a dynamic and changeable one. It can vary in size, shape, color, density, and luminosity. It can also expand or contract, detach or reattach to the physical body, and transmit or receive impressions and sensations. The perispirit is the vehicle of the spirits manifestation in the material world, and the instrument of its action and interaction with other beings.

What are the Functions of the Perispirit?

The perispirit has multiple functions that relate to the spirits existence and evolution. Some of the main functions of the perispirit are:

  • Identity: The perispirit preserves the individuality and personality of the spirit throughout its successive incarnations. It also reflects the spirits moral and intellectual level, as well as its emotions and tendencies.

  • Memory: The perispirit records all the experiences and lessons that the spirit acquires in its different lives. It also allows the spirit to access its past memories, either consciously or unconsciously.

  • Communication: The perispirit enables the spirit to communicate with other spirits and with humans, either through direct thought transmission or through mediumistic phenomena. It also allows the spirit to perceive and influence the thoughts and feelings of others.

  • Evolution: The perispirit is the means by which the spirit progresses and improves itself. Through its incarnations in different physical bodies, adapted to its needs and challenges, the spirit learns and develops new abilities and virtues. The perispirit also changes accordingly, becoming more refined and harmonious as the spirit advances.



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