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Episode 01: Second Chances

Cmdr. Riker and team are waiting in the transporter room on Lt. Riker while Lieutenant Palmer is briefing them on their transport window. When beaming down to the station, the two Rikers irritate each other easily and their initial interactions with one another are rather unpleasant and filled with antagonism. While working together at a console trying to retrieve the database, Commander Riker suggests to Lieutenant Riker that should should tell their father about this. Lieutenant Riker says that he would rather not speak to him right now and wonders what made his duplicate contact their father. Commander Riker says he did not; their father came aboard the Enterprise when he was offered the USS Aries to command and they managed to patch things up. Getting back to the task at hand, they cannot get the system working due to a malfunctioning EPS coupling and will try again when the next window opens up. However, Lt. Riker second guesses Cmdr. Riker's orders, mostly regarding his not allowing the lieutenant to stay working at the station until they can come back for him. This causes Commander Riker to raise his voice against him and reassert his position in the chain of command.

Episode 01: Second Chances


Second Chance is an American science fiction crime drama television series created by Rand Ravich. It is inspired by the 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley; Frankenstein was an early title.[1] The show debuted online on December 25, 2015,[2] and started broadcasting January 13, 2016, on Fox.[3] On January 29, 2016, Second Chance was moved to Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following poor ratings in its first two episodes, swapping time slots and days with Hell's Kitchen.

The show was picked up by Fox to series as a last-minute addition to the lineup on May 8, 2015, first titled The Frankenstein Code, with the series being set in Los Angeles,[24] before undergoing name changes to Lookinglass in August[25] and finally once again to Second Chance in November; the setting was also changed to King County, Washington, as well.[26] In October, the original order was reduced to an 11-episode season.[27]

Over the course of each season, the contestants go on dates with partners determined by competitions (or, in the seventh season only, by the "fate button"), and have the opportunity to learn in the "truth booth" if a given couple is a correct match. Once the truth booth confirms a perfect match, that couple will go to the honeymoon suite and will automatically be paired up for the remainder of the match ceremonies. At the end of each episode, the contestants pair up in a "matching ceremony" and learn how many perfect matches they have, but not which matches are correct.[1] From season 3 onward, the prize was reduced any time that the house failed to identify any matches other than those already confirmed via the truth booth.

Charles showed up at his childhood home with a different last name, Time, which he assumed from the magazine of the same name; it was also symbolic of his travel back through time and the extra amount of it he was awarded by Saint Peter. He came to rent out an apartment over the Russell garage when his feisty, sensible mother Helen (Randee Heller) needed a boarder to help make ends meet. Charles was a convenience store proprietor by day in between his efforts to reconnect with Chazz, who from the start had no idea that the new tenant hanging around and becoming buddy-like was in fact his older self. The two did form an instant friendship, and Chazz, who was in dire need of a resident father figure, often found himself turning to Charles (either directly or not) when life's dilemmas got too out of hand. Chazz's two best friends were tough, supercool Francis "Booch" Lottabucci (Billy Gallo) and awkward, geeky Eugene Blooberman (Demian Slade), the latter of which was tolerated by Chazz but always regularly put down by Booch. As the boys cooked up schemes, encountered teenage romance and got into trouble, Charles was there to be the voice of reason, even if Booch and Eugene didn't understand why he was involved. In turn, Saint Peter, grading Charles' progress in his effort to grow into a new man the second time around, watched over him like a hawk. He, however, could only be seen or heard by Charles.

The early episodes focused on the Russells' efforts to keep the family home, in wake of Helen's ex-husband (played in guest appearances by Richard Kline) becoming six months behind on his alimony. In the pilot episode, Booch talks Chazz into disguising themselves as older men to purchase lottery tickets, with the idea of eventually stealing from the convenience store if they didn't win the jackpot. It just happened to be the older Charles' convenience store they came to; Charles watched himself (Chazz) and Booch attempt to get away with their plan. He then stepped in and began gently manipulating them with sage advice in order to get the boys (namely himself) to do the right thing. Despite nearly everyone in the picture not catching on to the fact that Charles Time was really the older Chazz Russell, it was Helen who always exclaimed the similarities that both Charles and Chazz had in their behavior (i.e. synchronizing their movements of picking up utensils and drinking milk at the kitchen table, at the same time) and even in their looks.

Although the format was tweaked, the series was moved around Fox's Saturday night schedule a few more times, and was then cancelled at the end of the season. After the last original episode of Boys Will Be Boys aired on May 14, 1988, repeats aired through July 2 of that year.

During the episodes of the series that ran under the title Second Chance, yellow Optima font was used for the credits, which was then currently seen on Punky Brewster. Also, Punky Brewster featured a "tough kid" character in Season 1 named Scotty Lottabucci - a surname recycled in Second Chance. In yet another similarity, the reference of Time magazine was used on both shows. In a Season 2 Punky Brewster episode, Henry, Punky, and their dog Brandon have a family photo taken in Henry's new photography studio, which is superimposed into an actual shell cover of Time with the fictional headline "Father of the Year". It appears that Duclon and Menteer were fans of the publication.

Five years ago, in the case Miller v. Alabama, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was cruel and unusual punishment to give a sentence of mandatory life without parole to teenagers convicted of first-degree murder. Michigan has the second largest juvenile lifer population in the country with 367 prisoners. After that ruling, the state resisted applying it retroactively.

This would all be super sad if it was not immediately followed by footage of Stephen being unable to break a small limb off a branch. It's, like, you're asking us to feel sorry for the dude before completely reversing course and saying "You know what, screw it" and then practically begging us to mock him for his pathetic display of physical non-prowess. I mean you went from showing Andrew Savage tearing down an entire tree to Fishbach being unable to hammer off a simple limb. Did you actually think I was not going to spit my Milwaukee's Best all over my Panasonic flat-screen TV in laughter? And here's the thing: I'm even weaker than Fishbach!!! Seriously! A strong breeze could knock me over at any second. And I don't care! It's still funny!

So there we have it: one 4,000 word recap down. But we are far from done for the week, people! For one thing, we have three awesome videos for you in the video player below. We have Jeff Probst right after Tribal Council breaking down what happened and what could be in store next, we have an exclusive deleted scene from the episode, and we have my pre-game interview with Vytas. So check those suckers out. Also make sure to read my premiere Q&A with Jeff Probst, which will be up early Thursday morning.

And yes, the triumphant return of Survivor Talk! Survivor Talk is a show we used to do on years ago, but it's back! Why now? I have no idea! But join me and a rotating stable of guest-hosts as we riff on the action and interview the latest ousted contestant. The first episode should be live Thursday afternoon. And, of course, for an obscene amount of Survivor scoop, you can follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

But now it's your turn. Whom are you loving and loathing so far? What did you think of the idol-at-challenge twist? And who is your episode 1 pick to win it all? Hit the message boards to weigh in, and yes, I'll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy.

WEEK TEN/FINALE: Damn, I feel like this finale crept up real quick. This episode feels like an episode of Amazing Race for real. The couples have to locate a sign, then they went to a hedge maze that gave me a for real panic attack & then had to stack rocks showing they had the same values. Rashida & Devin killed it, Torgan struggled & Adam & Shanley were a huge mess. Tori & Morgan tried to turn Devin & Rashida against each other before the final vote, but their trust & bond could not be broken. They each picked share & won $175k -Damn, they killed it. Torgan is legit hooking up and I hope they stay together but Adam & Shanley are off the rails. They arrived as friends, but not leaving that way.

Sadly, the dream team Devin and Rashida seem to be struggling. Their one downfall in this game is the physical aspect, Devin claims. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Shanley and Adam are coming out on top! It seems these two are actually on the same page, which leads them to first place in the mission! Coming in second is surprisingly Devin and Rashida, followed by Cameron and Mikala. Lastly, Tori and Morgan are the losing team up for elimination, and losing half their $80,000 bank! 041b061a72


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