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Turkish Airlines Original Safety Video Turkish English

Nowadays airlines put quite a bit of effort into their safety videos. Rather than just making them informational and boring to the point that people tune out, they try to make them engaging, so that people are more likely to pay attention.

Turkish Airlines Original Safety Video Turkish English


turkish airlines said they used 20,000,000 lego bricks to make this? there's no way they used actual lego bricks for either of their videos. the movies themselves used CGI. look how perfect the lighting is in every shot. lego blocks lend themselves well to computer animation.

Garuda Indonesia certainly takes the crown when it comes to accessibility. The video is presented in English or Indonesian with subtitles in the opposite language. The airline also chooses to add sign language in the corner of the screen making the video easily understandable for a range of passengers and is one of the only airlines to offer this, kudos to you Garuda. The airline celebrates all things Indonesian by presenting the video in various regions of the country showing off its natural beauty and culture while teaching you safety onboard. If travelling with Garuda to connect in Jakarta onto another destination after watching the video you will be sure to want to stay and explore the country.

Air Astana, an airline you may not have heard of or even know where it is based certainly tries to make a memorable video. Going against a poorly created cartoon video as some airlines choose, Air Astana adds a touch of creativity by using people and gymnastics to present the video. A team of gymnasts bend themselves to form things from an aircraft, seat, seat belt and more. I was certainly very impressed with their flexibility and it's a video I will certainly remember and pay attention to. The airline isn't just flexible with its performers but also in its accessibility by offering the demonstration in both English and Kazakh with subtitles, helping its passengers understand and learn the safety procedures with ease. 041b061a72


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